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Monday, May 20, 2019

Bill Barajas joins KPRC 2

Bill Barajas, KSAT 12 San Antonio anchor/reporter, joins KPRC and now I need to draw up a family tree!

KSAT 12 San Antonio's Bill Barajas is joining Houston sister-station KPRC the anchor/reporter posted on Facebook. From what I hear he will be a reporter at KPRC.

"In what might be the worst kept secret I’m happy to announce that after almost 9 years I’m going HOME," Barajas wrote over the weekend. "I have accepted a job a KPRC Channel 2 in Houston. I have one week left at KSAT and while I’m beyond excited to start the new gig I will forever love SA and the friends/co-workers that have become like a family to me."

Now, you might say Barajas...that name sounds familiar to me. There is a reason for that.

You can go read my 2010 post TV anchors named Barajas taking over Houston and Texas to get the full picture. I even wrote, "It's a Barajas TV news world in Houston - you and I just happen to watch it." Then in my more fun loving days, I listed six things that Barajas anchors could do if they worked at every Houston TV station. Go ahead and read it. I'll wait here for you to finish and then we can continue together.

I've been covering Bill Barajas since he was a reporter for KRGV 5 in the Rio Grande Valley. The reason...he is the son of former FOX 26 KRIV anchor Mike Barajas.

"Bill is a graduate of the University of Houston just like his old man and he is following in the broadcasting footsteps," Mike Barajas told back in 2013 when Bill Barajas started at KSAT 12.

You may also know his cousin, Erik Barajas, who anchors for abc13 KTRK.

"Erik worked at KSAT before moving up to KTRK," Bill Barajas told in 2013. "He always talked about the first rate station that they run there."

In reality, the Barajas clan is now playing catch up in the Houston television news family dynasty world.

While Erik and Bill are now working for KTRK and KPRC respectively, both of those stations also employ Rascons!

Yes, longtime abc13 KTRK anchor Art Rascon's son, Jacob, joined KPRC from NBC News just a few years ago.

Maybe John Paul Barajas, Mike's other son, can go work at KHOU one day just so the family can claim another station in its dynasty! John Paul has been with KRGV 5 since 2017.

(Thanks Taylor!)

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