Tuesday, July 31, 2018

David Paul's new haircut was a happy accident

KHOU 11 chief meteorologist David Paul's new do is all the buzz...just like his new hobby

David Paul's new shorter hair style that has viewers talking
Houston television news viewers are waaaaayyyy better about noticing visual changes concerning anchors than I am.

Case in point, KHOU 11 chief meteorologist David Paul's new hair cut. As the emails start hitting my inbox asking me about his new do, I noticed Paul's Facebook page was getting viewer posts about it too!

Talk about a hairy investigation.

David Paul's usual hair style

Well, it turns out Paul was not going for a Neil Frank haircut like one viewer guessed on FB.

"The haircut is a big change and a happy accident," Paul admitted to "My usual barber (Tammy at Windfern Beauty Salon) was busy, but I really needed a cut, so I went to another place... and, well, this happened! Like really short. Shortest I've ever worn it. But it feels good. Nice and cool and I kind of like it so I'm just going to go with it."

Perfect hair for this weather!

While I had Paul's attention, I had to ask him about his latest hobby...beekeeping.

"My wife an I got a 'starter' hive with 4000 bees in April and it quickly grew to 10,000 bees and about 50 lbs of honey that we plan to harvest in mid August," Paul told me. "We have bee 'suits' to protect from the stings and a smoker to calm them down when we open the hive for inspections, but they are surprisingly calm. We must be in a spot the bees like because most first time beekeepers don't get much honey the first year. They are fascinating to watch, flying in and out bringing pollen back to the hive."

Anytime I see bees thriving, that's a good thing.

 You can read more about colony collapse disorder, or CCD, is a real issue and could hurt our future.

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