Monday, February 08, 2010

I wish I had a Neil Frank haircut - KHOU 11

Dr. Neil Frank isn't even on the air anymore at KHOU 11, but the famous meteorologist with a crew cut is still winning awards:

Former 11 News Chief Meteorologist Dr. Neil Frank has been awarded the 2010 Charles L. Mitchell Award by the American Meteorological Society.
Frank earned the award "for four decades of leadership in advancing the forecasting and public awareness of hurricanes and their threats," according to an AMS press release. READ MORE

I titled this post based on a song by John Lander and the Q Morning Zoo on the old 93Q. If you lived in Houston 20 years ago, you would know what I am talking about.

- Former KHOU meteorologist Dr. Neil Frank talks Climategate
- Dr. Neil Frank to retire from KHOU Channel 11


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  2. "I'm gonna get me a Neil Frank haircut. I can balance plates on the top of my head. And when I get me a Neil Frank haircut, all the women will want to get me in bed."

    Might not be exactly right, but pretty darn close. Man, I loved the Q Morning Zoo.

  3. I loved John Lander and the Q Morning Zoo! Thank goodness for YouTube where you can find little snip-its of that show.


  5. I want to find the Neil Frank haircut song!!!!


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