Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Anoushah Rasta joins NBC Bay Area

Former KPRC 2 weekend morning anchor Anoushah Rasta joins NBC Bay Area KNTV 11 San Jose - San Francisco

Last Saturday we learned Sofia Ojeda returned to the KPRC weekend morning anchor desk. Now we have new info on the person who vacated that chair.

Former KPRC 2 weekend morning anchor Anoushah Rasta, who was a bit coy on her plans post Houston, has changed her Twitter bio to, "Journalist @nbcbayarea Proud UCLA graduate."

Last night, she filed the first report I can find for that NBC owned station whose call letters are KNTV at channel 11 which serves San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Veteran NBC Bay Area news reporter Damian Trujillo even welcomed Rasta to the team via Twitter.

Rasta left KPRC and Houston last November. In a newsroom goodbye, she did not give any details about future job plans.

"Houston has been great, this has been a phenomenal experience, but I really miss my family and I want to be closer to them, you know it's been tough," an emotional Rasta said at the time.

Well, like a JJ Abrams project, the mystery has been solved. Oh wait...are any loose ends ever really tied up in an Abrams project? Look at the Last Jedi for example. Abrams set mysteries up and director Rian Johnson was like, "nah." Let me address those mysteries with a few words or just ignore them completely.

Back on topic, Houston TV viewers who miss seeing Rasta on air can watch one of her first California stories below.

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