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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The hottest Houston social media TV News stars summer 2017

Thanks to Share Rocket, we learn who is tops in Houston television social media

I helped put two Houston TV stations on social media in the early days and even I get bored by the "who is the hottest instagrammer/facebooker/tweeter" type of posts.

But to the TV stations, social media is the future.

I've heard some TV employees grouse that at times more emphasis is put on social media than the actual TV broadcasts.

Stories are out there of high demands put upon the TV news faces to increase their posts and followers.

That is very different than my early experience in this world when TV station managers looked at me like I was some kind of social media heretic.

"Off with your tweeting and facebooking head you crazy kid!"

In the past, I've written posts about the top Houston TV follower getters in town.

Go back five years and laugh at how small the follower counts were back then. Also see Top Twitterers at each Houston TV station (2012).

These types of posts can also be labor intensive. After all, I went to J-school because numbers weren't involved.

But if I don't have to do any you go!

Enter Share Rocket.

The company bills itself as, "a social media ratings and audience solution providing media companies an easy way to quantify their social media equity, benchmark against peers and turn social market intelligence into insights that drive social success."

To put it basically, Share Rocket tracks social media numbers for TV companies like Disney ABC Television Group (KTRK), FOX (KRIV) and Tribune (KIAH). It also posts data to its blog.

And we get a post about H-Town TV.

Share Rocket reports the top social Houston TV stations are:


The list follows what is happening nationally. When you have an Disney ABC Television Group (KTRK) or FOX owned station (KRIV) in a market, they usually top the list. Those companies seem to have a strong grasp on social across the country.

As for the top individual Houston TV newscasters on social:

Among individuals, Houston was led by KPRC traffic reporter Jennifer Reyna (1.05 overall Share) and anchor Dominique Sachse (0.95 overall Share). Sachse was the No. 1 individual in the market on Instagram and Reyna was No. 2. Combined, the two had more than 390,000 Engagements in Q2. KHOU’s Craft averaged about 383 Engagements per post across all platforms. Wilson was the No. 2 individual on Facebook and had more than 115,000 Engagements on the platform. KRIV’s Lindsey Henry posted 4,294 times on social media in the quarter (the most of any individual) and nearly tripled her total Engagement from the first quarter.

Not one guy in the top five?! Fellas...good luck trying to compete in this realm.

Mike McGuff #17 on Houston’s Top 25 Social Media Power Influencers – 2017 list

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