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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Top Twitterers at each Houston TV station

Tuesday's Top 5 Houston TV Twitter users post was a big hit.

So, I wouldn't be the "Father of Houston TV Social Media" if I didn't take it to another level and find out the top 5 Twitter users at each Houston TV station (anchors and reporters).

To set up some guidelines, I pretended to be an average viewer and hit each station's website bio page for Twitter account links. If a Twitter account wasn't on the station's site, then I figured it was a personal account and it wasn't counted.

KPRC 2                              Followers
1. Benton, Mary                         3,073
2. Sachse, Dominique                2,742
3. Jaquez, Nefertiti                    2,205
4. Boyle, Mark                              961
5. McNeill, Rachel                       845

1. Jang, Lily                              20,384
2. Gradney, Mia                          1,916
3. Zubowski, Courtney                1,358
4. Craig, Tiffany                          1,291
5. Basu, Malini                            1,010

1. Abrahams, Tom                       1,376
2. Spera, Rebecca                        1,174
3. Cosley, Kat                                  650

(KTRK only had three Twitter accounts on its website bios page. Because of this, I included Live Well hosts. I didn't want Tom to be lonely.)

Fox 26 KRIV
1. Carey, Isiah                              3,902
2. Teague, Don                             2,173
3. MacDonald, Sally                       637
4. Garcia, Rita                                593
5. Dominguez, Ruben                      578

These numbers only account for news anchors and reporters (I noticed not all weather folks have Twitter accounts so I just cut if off with news people - other departments like sports and weather could come later). I also learned stations seem to value Facebook more than Twitter - so it looks like more work is cut out for me on that angle.

I went to each Houston TV station website and acted as any normal viewer would to find lists of station related Twitter accounts. Not all reporter/anchor Twitter accounts are linked to the station websites so I figured either those are personal or not a priority for the station. Therefore they were not counted here.

(Numbers as of 7/27/2012)

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  1. Not very impressive.

  2. The only one I follow is Tom Abrahams...ABC 13

  3. Mark Berman has 26 has like 5,000. Why's he not on here?

  4. Yes, Berman and other sports guys have a lot. I just went with news anchors and reporters because that was already a large number for me to track. Sports and weather landed on the cutting room floor because of time.


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