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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top 5 Houston TV Twitter users

I put up the first Houston TV Twitter and Facebook accounts in 2008 (KTRK 13) and other stations eventually successfully followed, but all of a sudden four years later, Houston TV stations really have a sudden case of social media fever.

This month two Houston television stations apparently held social media summit/bootcamps for employees. Those two stations also just hired folks to deal with social media specifically.

One station staffer posted on Twitter that there is a requirement for reporters to 'up' their follow counts. The future is here.

 I should offer a Twitter TV ghost writing/consultation service like Hollywood celebrities have. A TV anchor/reporter could hire me to 'up' their follow count by tweeting as them and giving advice. Ka-ching! You know how to contact me.

As the self-proclaimed "Father of Houston TV social media," I will now cover this area more since there is obvious interest like never before (before I figured no one would care so why waste the time).

So let's look at the top 5 Houston TV Twitter users in Houston by follow count for some social media tweets and giggles.

1. Jang, Lily (KHOU)
20,384 (Follow count)
22,957 (Tweets)
22,348 (Following)

2. Carey, Isiah (KRIV)
3,902 (Follow count)
12,779 (Tweets)
1,107 (Following)

3. Benton, Mary (KPRC)
3,073 (Follow count)
11,457 (Tweets)
1,276 (Following)

4. Sachse, Dominique (KPRC)
2,742 (Follow count)
423 (Tweets)
41 (Following)

5. Jaquez, Nefertiti (KPRC)
2,205 (Follow count)
4,384 (Tweets)
258 (Following)

These numbers only account for news anchors and reporters (I noticed not all weather folks have Twitter accounts so I just cut if off with news people - other departments could come later). I also learned stations seem to value Facebook more than Twitter - so it looks like more work is cut out for me on that angle.

I went to each Houston TV station website and acted as any normal viewer would to find lists of station related Twitter accounts. Not all reporter/anchor Twitter accounts are linked to the station websites so I figured either those are personal or not a priority for the station. Therefore they were not counted here.

(Numbers as of 7/27/2012)

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