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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Ken Hoffman quits the Houston Chronicle

Ken Hoffman reveals his next job to

Houston Chronicle columnist Ken Hoffman quits

I am in so much shock today that it is making me post on my blog.


Features columnist and fast food critic Ken Hoffman tweeted he is leaving the Houston Chronicle. Apparently for a new job.

"Whoa, not dying," Hoffman wrote to a reader on Twitter. "Just quit Chronicle for new job. Still writing food, baseball, etc. Loved Chronicle, time for new challenge."

Now what is a job that Hoffman would leave the Chronicle for?

Hoffman has been a newspaper dude in Houston for decades. First writing for the now defunct Houston Post for eight years and after that joining the Chronicle.

Stay tuned.

Ken Hoffman reveals his next job to

Ken Hoffman of the Houston Chronicle talks to Mike McGuff

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