Monday, December 05, 2016

Erik Barajas wins 2016 HAIRRY: Local Newsmen With The Best Hair

2016 HAIRRY: "Emmys are nice. They really are. We’re not trashing the Emmys – they do fine work. But the HAIRRYs? They showcase the true talent that lives within these United States of America!"

This is what we missed during the Thanksgiving holiday break. I apologize for just getting to it, but it's been a little "hairy" around here.

KTRK abc13 anchor Erik Barajas, or you might say "a real life Superman," has been honored with a 2016 HAIRRY: Local Newsmen With The Best Hair. That means website, the folks who are behind the coiffure award, believe the Houston newsman has the best TV news hair for the entire Lone Star State!

"Decades of trial and error," Barajas wrote on Facebook. "Hundreds of gallons of pomade and gel, that have been applied and shampooed out. Patiently instructing all my hair stylists over the years and finally, finally someone takes notice. This is mine. I earned it."

Here is how the HAIRRY folks describe Barajas:

Erik Barajas is a real life Superman. At least, he sure looks like one. Erik’s hair is so impeccably stylized and slick, there was no question as to whether he should win first prize for Texas.

When you’re reporting for KTRK-TV’s 13 Eyewitness News, or flying through the sky looking for villains to rain justice down upon, your hair has got to be gelled to the tee. Some hair just looks flat and wet when styled with gel, but Erik’s is voluminous and shiny; perhaps he’s found the perfect product – GIVE US YOUR SECRETS!

So just how are the winners chosen for this hair-raising award? Here are the criteria:

The HAIRRYs celebrate fabulous hair and the people who have it. There are no nominations, no voting, and no turning back. As hair experts, we scour multiple images and video from all of our potential winners. Then, we consult with other stylists and creatives in the field to narrow it down to one HAIRRY Winner and up to two HAIRRY Runner-Ups.

Our Criteria For Great Hair

When choosing our recipients we look for the following characteristics:

full volume
well styled
limited/no receding hairline

The Texas runner ups included another Houston newscaster - KHOU 11 traffic anchor Darby Douglas!

With a styled salt-and-pepper ‘do that’s as enticing as they come, our bet is that co-runner up Darby Douglas won’t be a runner-up for long. Look out Erik and Brandon, next year’s HAIRRY might just belong to Darby Douglas and KHOU.

WFAA 8 Dallas reporter Brandon Hamilton shares the runner up honor with Douglas.

Now Barajas wasn't the only winner you've heard of.

Former FOX 26 KRIV movie critic Jake Hamilton, won for the Prairie State:

Jake Hamilton, Emmy-award winning reporter, Good Day Chicago, and we theorize, time traveling Norse god, is the clear HAIRRY winner for Illinois. (And Trump better not tweet this Hamilton asking for an apology for his amazing hair!)

Jake has that dreamy viking look going on: striking light blue eyes, and incredibly fair blonde hair – we’re surprised he wasn’t imported directly from Iceland. Unlike a real viking, Jake’s hair is immaculate; lengthy and slicked back with product, keeping his fringe bouncy and full up top.

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