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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

VIDEO: Move over MMJs, TV photogs still have true story-telling power

Two KTRK abc13 photographers produce excellent nat sound piece on last week's flooding

I know hiring multimedia photo journalists, VJs, one-man bands, backpack journalists (whatever you wanna call them) is all the rage in TV news these days, but here is some video to show the true story-telling power of tried–and–true television news photographers.

TV photogs are the true backbone of the business. How can it be TV without video after all? They know the streets they are covering, who to talk to, how to get the video no matter the dangerous conditions...and oh yeah...they usually know the best restaurants in town too!

KTRK abc13 photo journalists Chris Graczyk and Francisco Barragan put together this excellent nat sound piece about last week's Houston floods. I assume they both shot all the video (although maybe they pulled from the other staff members too), but do yourself a favor and check out some real captivating footage of a truly horrible experience for Houston.

I should note that every time I post a Texas journalism awards post, Graczyk has usually been the winner for photography. No surprise after watching this.

Another Houston TV reporter's flooding coverage should be recognized

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