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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lindsey Day exits FOX 26 KRIV

FOX 26 KRIV meteorologist Lindsey Day leaves the station...who is next?

Lindsey Day
Lindsey Day
Well, we didn't make it to Thursday this week before someone left or was let go from Fox 26 KRIV.

The Houston Chronicle reports that meteorologist Lindsey Day is leaving the FOX owned and operated station. I will probably get "who?" comments so I should add she hasn't even been at the station for a full year.

The paper did not say where she was going next.

Day came from KOZL & KOLR in Springfield, Mo. Before that she worked at WCTV Tallahassee.

If you're looking for a TV job, and think you have the mettle to apply, FOX 26 might be your entry to a top 10 market. Why? It's been widely reported the station has many job openings as of late.

Reporter Ashley Johnson transferred to another FOX station in January, then two executive producers left for San Francisco, then the assistant news director and managing editor were reportedly fired, followed by main anchor Don Teague being shown the door last Thursday and now Lindsey Day.

#FOX26forlife...or maybe for a year before you get canned or run for your life.

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