Thursday, February 11, 2016

FOX 26 KRIV sheds management positions

FOX 26 KRIV assistant news director and managing editor jobs cut

TVSpy is reporting that FOX 26 KRIV eliminated two newsroom positions today.

Assistant news director Howard Dorsey and managing editor Geoff Roth are both out according to the site.

Dorsey came to the Houston FOX owned and operated station in 2013 from WPIX NY. Roth had been at KRIV for a while, left for startup WJZY Charlotte, NC with reporter Ned Hibberd, then returned to Houston in the last few years.

Rumor had it this post on FTVlive about a FOX O&O was talking about happenings at KRIV. Now you have to wonder.

The TV trade site also reports that FOX 26 lost two executive producers to the Bay Area in the last weeks, Brandice Bailey and Andrew Gillfillan.


  1. Interesting to see what happens at Fox 26!

  2. The two positions eliminated were never really used at 26, I know they went for years without an Assn't ND and I never understood what a managing editor did in a TV news room. That's an old newspaper management term. 26 has big problems they have ran off so many quality people that now they can't find anyone to work for them that will stay. Once they found out all of the crap they have to put up with most folks just leave.

  3. And then there's the supposed sex harassment allegation against a KRIV anchor that FTV is reporting. What a mess over there!


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