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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Where is PK on the Hot 95.7 morning show?

Hot 95.7 becomes The Spot

PK joins Power 96.1 Atlanta

PK teams up with DK and leaves Hot 95.7 morning show behind

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The New Year is already bringing me questions about the whereabouts of PK on the Hot 95.7 morning show KKHH.

According to his site, PK has left the CBS Houston building:

I’ll start it by saying I’m not going to comment on my departure from Hot. What I will comment on is how I personally go about accepting a job/new position. I always ask myself three questions:

Will it allow me to be creative?
Can I learn and grow from the people involved?
Will it be fun?
If the answer to all three is yes, I take the job. If the answer to any is no, I check out.

Fun Fact- Pay is the last thing I ask. I moved to Houston with out asking about salary until I was in the building.

It’s a fact and maybe a fault, but it is what it is. I won’t speak any further about this situation but to say that one or all three became a no. I’m not blaming anyone and have nothing but appreciation for the time.

What’s next? To figure that out we go back, about two years to be precise. That’s when we started the PK and DK show. READ MORE

The show he references is his podcast/video show he does with his wife Denise. You can watch it live every Wednesday night at 7pm at

The couple promises a no holds barred, real, daring look into their relationship and life. The trailer video for the show is embedded below.

Fans of the HOT Show can still listen to Sarah Pepper and Ivan who remain with the station.

Brien Straw from The Bstraw & PaulyG Show on Hot 95.7 sister station SportsRadio 610 KILT disappeared the same week as PK.

According to a Dec 21, 2015 Philadelphia Business Journal article, there were "nationwide layoffs of roughly 200 employees — including several on air, sales and support staff at the six local CBS stations."

Hot 95.7 becomes The Spot

PK joins Power 96.1 Atlanta

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