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Friday, December 18, 2015

Attack of the Ras-Clone

No you aren't seeing double - it's Art and Jacob Rascon

Jacob Rascon joins KPRC

Jacob Rascon
Jacob Rascon
Just in case you haven't totally reached your capacity for all things Star Wars, I thought I might get in on the action too.

Actually this post just borrows the title of the series' worst film and applies it to KTRK abc13 anchor Art Rascon (I'm assuming that episodes 7-9 cannot reach the lows of prequels 1-3).

My blog is constantly hit by television viewers across the nation looking up info on his son, Jacob Rascon - the now NBC News correspondent.

Art Rascon
The two look and speak so much alike, that Houston viewers think they are looking and hearing double. It's like, "How is Art on channel 2?"

And they kind of are seeing double. Jacob is a chip off the old block.

That led to a blog commenter of mine to dub the term "Ras-clone."

My bet is that most TV viewers will always get more out of Jacob's reports than Star Wars episode 2.

Jacob Rascon joins KPRC

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