Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jeopardy! moves to KTRK abc13 from KHOU 11 after many decades

KTRK abc13 to start airing Jeopardy! Sept 14th at 3pm

KHOU 11 expands 4pm newscast to one hour

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Alex, I'll take a great Houston TV steal for $1000.

Based on the email and social media comments I'm receiving, KTRK abc13's grab of Jeopardy! from KHOU 11 must be one of the best gets in Houston television history.

The Alex Trebek hosted game show has aired in Houston on KHOU 11 for at least 20+ years if memory serves. So in the Bayou City, this is quite a seismic shock.

Now, other shows have moved around the Houston TV dial, but let's face it, not many syndicated shows have the history of Jeopardy! So after decades on the same channel, this is a big deal to Houston TV watchers.

Now for the Daily Double. The big question I'm getting is why is this happening? Well, TV shows pay a fee to the owners of syndicated shows (non-network) like Jeopardy! Maybe new KHOU 11 owner Tegna doesn't want to pay the Jeopardy! price anymore. Maybe channel 13 was willing to pay more? Don't know the answer, but money always plays a part in these moves.

If Wheel of Fortune leaves channel 11's 6:30pm slot, then I think the entire city will shut down like on half-inch snow days.

Channel 13 will start airing Jeopardy! Sept 14th at 3pm. Tune in early on the same day at 1pm for Tyra Banks' new show FABLife.

On one last abc13 related note, just announced this morning, Joy Behar is returning to ABC’s The View next season.

KHOU 11 expands 4pm newscast to one hour

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