Wednesday, February 04, 2015

KHOU's Brooks Garner named TV Guide's '10 Sexiest Weathermen on Earth'

Brooks Garner gone from KHOU 11

KHOU 11's Brooks Garner is causing a heat wave on KHOU 11 as one of TV Guide's '10 Sexiest Weathermen on Earth'

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KHOU's 11 weather hunk Brooks Garner and girlfriend Erica Harness

These days when I tune into KHOU 11, I can't tell if that's George Clooney or meteorologist Brooks Garner. It all became confusing as soon as Garner made TV Guide's The 10 Sexiest Weathermen on Earth list.

Serioulsy, I haven't been this excited about a hunky weather guy since KPRC 2 meteorologist Jonathan Novack was cast in ABC's The Bachelorette in 2010. Is that a warm front coming into Houston or am I just suddenly getting overheated?

Since one of Garner's newscasts is channel 11's noon show, will we see him bare chested on the weather wall talking about a vertically erect system? (That is seriously a real weather term)

"Shirtless on the Noon," Garner laughed with "Only after I secure a seven-digit contract with CBS network as a permanent fixture on, The Young and Restless. Of course, I'd have to get my chest waxed and tanned. Yeah -- so not going to happen."

Garner was surprised by his #10 slot on the sexy list, but he figures a snarky tweet might have gotten him nominated.

"Several months ago, People Magazine solicited newscasters around the country to enter into their 'Sexiest People' contest, and snarkily, I tweeted something about it (and never heard anything else), so I'm wondering if TV Guide somehow stumbled upon the idea of rating weather people," Garner told me.

But before you dismiss this hot weather dude as all beauty and no brains, Garner actually came up with the idea for KHOU's weather wheel which has since been adopted at other television stations across the country.

"One day, David Paul and I were brainstorming simple ways to present detailed forecasts," Garner told "It would be too much info on one TV screen to try to squeeze 12 hours of data, so I conceived the weather wheel. We agreed it was a viable solution and I sent my drawing up to the art department, and KHOU's lead graphic artist masterfully executed our objective."

And sorry ladies, before you try to find Garner's SnapChat username, I have to tell you his girlfriend Erica Harness (pictured above), might take issue with you hitting on her man.

My Orogenous Zone is tingling (no serious, once again a real weather term).  Special thanks to's list of sexy sounding weather terms for helping me write this post.

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