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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Future KHOU meteorologist Brooks Garner has UFO sighting

Little green men in forecast for future KHOU 11 meteorologist Brooks Garner

Brooks Garner comes to Houston and starts working at KHOU 11 as the noon and 4pm meteorologist in May.

Brooks Garner
Brooks Garner
But today, his recent out of this world experience at Tampa's WFLA 8 is what we're talking about.

The station is reporting that Garner recorded UFOs flying over the Tampa Bay area. You know, beam me up Scotty, close encounter, ET type of stuff. His video is embedded above.

"The evening was [quiet] with some overcast while I was walking my dog Oscar," Garner told WFLA. "Out of nowhere comes this parade of lights in various formations traveling across the sky and disappearing to the north of downtown Tampa."

Garner believes the objects were moving pretty fast.

Fortunately no body cavity probing was mentioned in this report.

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  1. He said he thought they were just Chinese Lanterns...


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