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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Two Houston media pregnancies; KPRC 2 & KTRK abc13

Baby bumps for KPRC 2's Jennifer Bauer and KTRK abc13's Patricia Lopez

Jennifer Bauer
Jennifer Bauer
Is the Houston TV baby wave coming back? We have two media members expecting!

Houston television viewers are a curious bunch. Questions started coming in about KPRC 2 reporter Jennifer Bauer. Is she pregnant? Naturally people are cautious about approaching someone on social media and asking, so they leave it up to me!

In the case of Bauer, their hunches were correct. Baby number 2 is arriving in May and it's a boy.

There is another channel 2 staffer excited about the upcoming birth - Bauer's husband KPRC Vice President/Creative Services Director Mike Guerrieri.

"The move to Houston was big adjustment for us, but when our daughter was born here is probably the moment we would point to as when it started to feel like home," Guerrieri told "Everyone at the station was so great and the outpouring of warm comments on all the social media pages was overwhelming in the best way.

"Now both of our kids will forever be able to say they are Texans and that’s incredibly cool. We’re excited and praying that all goes well and everyone is healthy."

Daughter Aubrey was born in January 2013.

Patricia Lopez
Patricia Lopez
Across the street, it was announced this morning that KTRK abc13's Patricia Lopez is expecting her fourth child.

Her three young daughters apparently aren't excited about the new addition at this point. Her youngest simply said "ewww, disgusting" when told the news. I'm sure they will come around.

Lopez says with a family of six, they are really going to have to stretch their dollar!

And just because she has been gone from the news for the past few days, people are asking me if Casey Curry is pregnant again. I don't know that one at this point.

I do know that Curry's original pregnancy post was my number one blog post of 2013 though!

(Thanks Robin)

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