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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

abc13's Tom Abrahams signs 3-book deal

KTRK abc13 anchor Tom Abrahams signs three-book deal with Post Hill Press

Tom Abrahams continues to find success in the literary world. First with self-published Sedition, then with Post Hill Press published Allegiance.

Ken Hoffman reported Abrahams has signed another deal with Post Hill Press for three more books.

"I’ve already written the sequel (to Allegiance), which is in the rewrite phase and I hope to have out late 2014," Abrahams told me earlier this year.

Abrahams told me in 2013 he puts himself on a consistent writing schedule. That means pounding out 600 to 1000 words a day before leaving for his weekend anchor/reporting job at KTRK abc13. Abrahams explains more in the above video.

"TV news writing is very succinct," Abrahams told "At its best it gets to the point quickly, hits the highlights, and lets the video (or audio) carry the story. A book needs more color. There's no video or audio to fill in the blanks. I actually found myself having to work really hard to add little details that I normally would leave out. But both are better when edited and rewritten multiple times. In news we'll cut a 2 minute story to 1:30. In SEDITION, I cut it from 106,000 words to about 90,000."

Now Hoffman rips on his own tome You Want Fries with That?

Hoffy needs to lighten up. I actually own a copy of that book! It got me through the Harris County Jury Assembly Room!

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