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Friday, October 04, 2013

Houston TV baby wave of 2013

Houston TV pregnancies and baby births 2013

There have been so many comings and goings in the baby delivery room for Houston TV anchors and reporters this year that I've been putting myself on call trying to keep track of all of them.

Things have been so busy, that an entire business, Due in a Few, was launched around the news.

As for me, I've been swaddling my computer anxiously, waiting for birth announcements. Sometimes, I wake up throughout the night, suck down a bottle of milk and check Facebook to make sure I haven't missed newborn news.

So far we've had the following baby births in 2013-2014:

- Michelle Merhar, Fox 26 KRIV, delivers baby girl
- Deals host Katishia 'Kat' Cosley gives birth
- KHOU 11's Jeremy Desel gets baby #4
- KPRC 2's Lauren Freeman delivers baby boy
- KTRK abc13's Miya Shay & Gene Wu deliver baby
- KTRK abc13's Jessica Willey has her baby
- Fox 26's Sally MacDonald delivers
- Elissa Rivas and Chris Stipes get a baby girl
- Anthony Yanez adds to the KPRC 2 family
- Casey Curry delivers baby girl
- KPRC's Robert Arnold's new baby

Waiting for the delivery date:

- KPRC's Amy Davis & Joel Eisenbaum expecting a baby girl

With maternity leaves in progress, or coming up, Houston TV stations have had to make some staffing decisions. KTRK abc13 hired three temp reporters, while Fox 26 KRIV made internal scheduling changes.

Maybe I should have a cigar now (at least a bubble gum one).

Obviously I will be updating this page has things develop. If you see breaking Houston TV baby birth news somewhere, email me!

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