Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Michelle Merhar, Fox 26 KRIV, delivers baby girl

Michelle Merhar, Fox 26 KRIV, goes from Traffic Authority to Diaper Authority

Michelle Merhar of Fox 26 KRIV mornings and hubby deserve a big congratulations this morning after getting a new arrival to their family.

 The station's Facebook page says Baby Abigail came into the world at seven pounds and 14oz. That's all that was reported at this time.

Over the weekend, I posted how Merhar officially went on leave from the Fox owned and operated station for baby watch.

Houston Radio One's Ayana Mack is filling in for her.


  1. Awe - Congratulations to Abigail and her mommy and daddy.

    Beautiful family!

  2. Congrats to her. Was friends with her in college and she's a great person and I am happy for her and her husband.

  3. Hopefully Fox will find a replacement for her while she's on leave. She's a terrible traffic person.

    1. No she is not..... She a awesome traffic person I ever heard.... I watch that news every morning. I was so excited to have her back after her baby was born she is amazing of what she does....Michelle don't let people like that make u unhappy of what they say....UR THE BEST I LOVE EVERYBODY ON FOX 26 NEWS. BUT I MISS NATALIE BOMKIE..

    2. The whole 26 team is awesome. Welcome back Sally.

    3. Gratulations! To the Michelle Mehar and family of there new bundle of joy that fixing to come in this world.I love everybody on Fox 26th news.


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