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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wayne Dolcefino shows up on both KHOU and KPRC

Wayne Dolcefino shows up on KHOU, KPRC and the Houston Chronicle in a single day - one station with a 1 and a 3 was noticeably missing

Like Nielsen LPM measurements through the flat screen TV, so are the former KTRK anchors of our lives.

We should know the ultimate showman like Wayne Dolcefino wouldn't be content to just show up on one TV station, so he went to the city's main newspaper and on two Houston stations that were not KTRK abc13 during May 2013 sweeps.

The former 13 Undercover man started his day off in the Houston Chronicle where he said, “I miss what I used to do. I don’t miss working for Channel 13.”

We were all eagerly awaiting his KPRC story at 10pm, but first Wayne-O showed up on KHOU 11's 6pm newscast in his Dolcefino Communications role. This time, the former investigative reporter is involved in a smelly fight brewing in Hempstead that also involves attorney Rusty Hardin.

 photo waynedolcefinokprc_zps45b9b1f9.jpgThen came the main event on KPRC 2's 10pm newscast after The Office series finale (yeah Michael Scott showed up of course) and some other show.

Joel Eisenbaum's report didn't really give us anymore insight than we can get from reading the pages of this very blog, but we did get a chance to see Dolcefino's house and the fact he slimmed down and looks healthier after leaving KTRK.

For whatever reason, is behind the times on letting users embed its video on other sites (at the time of this publishing the video wasn't up anyway), but I will link you to what looks like an online only version of the Dolcefino tale that seems to have different info from what was on TV.

"Channel 13 and I got divorced it was as simple as that. One thing I don't like people suggesting is that I'm retired. I didn't retire, I can't afford to be retired," Dolcefino told KPRC in the online story.

Man, Dolcefino seems pissed at KTRK. Glad there is no one else out there that seems angry at the ABC owned station. What? You mean there is someone else? Oh, a couple of more people?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about former KTRK abc13 sports director Bob Allen quitting the station and then showing up on competitor KHOU 11 a few months later. That was followed by former KTRK abc13 weekend sportscaster Tim Melton giving his first post stroke interview on KHOU to Allen.

As I said last night on Twitter, it's been 5 minutes, any KTRK folks scheduled to appear on other TV station newscasts yet?

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