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Monday, May 13, 2013

Tim Melton opens up to Bob Allen about stroke and recovery (VIDEO)

Tim Melton
Tim Melton
One of the most talked about May 2013 sweeps stories (well definitely on this blog at least) aired tonight on KHOU 11.

 Bob Allen interviewed longtime friend and former KTRK abc13 colleague Tim Melton about his stroke and subsequent recovery. This is the first time we've heard from Melton in almost two years since the stroke and it's on a competing station.

Melton talks about the night the stroke happened in October 2011 at KTRK abc13 after the 5:30pm Sunday newscast and a lot more.

I found this part particularly interesting:

"I would like to return to work," says Melton. "Sometimes I say to myself that’s crazy, but it’s something that I still want to do so I still keep working towards that and I keep trying to get better."

After working side by side with him since 1981, I’ve got to think someone will want him. He’s talented, brave, one of the most decent people I’ve ever known and he’s not quitting.

Will Melton follow Allen to KHOU?

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