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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Steve Smith, former KHOU 11 anchor, talks KPRC 2 newscast 'Scene at 5'

Former KHOU 11 anchor Steve Smith's guest post

1968 election night at KPRC with the late Ray Miller (News Director), the late Larry Rasco (Anchor), Steve Smith and Scene at 5 producer Bill Springer (courtesy Steve Smith).

Former KHOU 11 anchor Steve Smith wrote a guest post about the KPRC 2 newscast "The Scene at 5." This after I linked to a video clip of the show's re-birth on 4/4/1988 with Ron Stone and Doug Johnson. Hey look, that was 25 years ago today.

Steve Smith - 20 years ago
Smith is here to tell us about the original "Scene at 5" on channel 2 he created and anchored back in the late 1960s. I am honored to bring you Steve Smith to this blog:

"The Scene at 5 on Channel 2 started in either 1968 or 1969 (the memory goes first) when local TV talk personality Chris Chandler left KPRC to do other things.

Longtime Channel 2 News Director and Southwest TV News legend Ray Miller and Channel 2 GM Jack Harris gave that 5 PM half hour to yours truly, and told me to do something with it. I was already anchoring the 10 PM news at that point. The concept was ours...that is, mine, along with ace producers Bill Springer and Elsa Ransom, and later, director Bruce Bryant.

Steve Smith - current
We wanted to keep it light, with little hard news, and always wanted to include a little weather (and other business) chat with weatherman Doug Johnson at the end. I did the show for approximately five years before following the money and moving to an anchor job at KDKA TV in Pittsburgh in December, 1973."

Thanks Steve! Anchor Ron Stone took over the show at that point.

Houston TV news watchers will know Smith returned to Houston in 1976. He served as the main anchor of KHOU 11 for 23 years and retired 14 years ago this coming May. That's when current anchor, Greg Hurst, took over.

Smith still does voice work and writing through his company Anchor Communications, with some fishing and travelling mixed in. A Smith voice over that made news recently was his work in Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom.

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