Friday, February 22, 2013

TV journos finding success in publishing

Houston TV anchor Tom Abrahams' and his novel Sedition are blowing up.

I heard it just made the second round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Of 10,000 entries overall, just 400 mystery/thrillers make it past the entry phase.

Another big event, Venture Galleries, a graphic design site and book blog, named Sedition. A Political Thriller the best cover for the mystery category.

In January, book review site, Rabid Readers Reviews, named the book to its best of 2012 list.

I noticed all of this has driven up the number of reviews on the book's Amazon page. It now has a rating of 4/5 stars!

And I hear that after a signing at Murder by the Book, Sedition was the #2 selling paperback at the store in January.

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But Abrahams isn't alone in his crossover from TV to publishing success...

You know him as The Grape, the man with a ton of TV news wisdom at his blog tvnewsgrapevine, but the man behind the purple mask, Randy Tatano, is also an author.

I've featured his books on the blog in the past (links below).

Now The Grape has started another blog that melds fiction and television news!

See it here:

The Grape's books:
- Broadcast Journalism Street Smarts: The 2012 Survival Guide for Today's Television Newsroom
- Women reverse TV news stereotypes in new book
- Reporter gets biggest story of all time

I don't know how Tatano finds the time to do all of this. In addition to the activities I just mentioned, he runs a talent coaching business and also freelance produces for the TV networks.

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