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Monday, February 18, 2013

KTRK 13's Don Nelson back on air after surgery

After weeks away, KTRK's Don Nelson returns to abc13's morning news

Don Nelson announces KTRK abc13 departure

Don NelsonOne of the top questions I've been getting lately is "Where is channel 13's Don Nelson?" I posted on January 30th, that Live Well HD Mirror/Mirror host Rebecca Spera was filling in for Nelson in his absence (Bob Slovak did some fill-in time too).

A tipster notified me soon after his disappearance, "Just saw Don Nelson at St Luke's Hospital Med Center with left arm in sling, waiting for passenger pickup."

This morning Nelson was back at the KTRK abc13 studios ready for some traffic duty.

"After joking that he couldn't get his arm to move above I-10 while standing in front of the traffic map, Don had shoulder surgery," the KTRK Facebook account posted about his time off.

One of the most beloved TV personalities in Houston, Nelson is a guy that plays a major role on his newscast. He and Tom Koch have been on the morning shift for decades and the viewers pay them back for the early wake up call with great ratings. I heard there were times in the 1990s that you could add all the other Houston station's morning ratings together and that number could not reach KTRK's AM news ratings.

When Nelson does eventually retire, God help whomever takes that job over. Those will be tough shoes to fill (figuratively and literally since he is a pretty tall guy).

Don Nelson announces KTRK abc13 departure

- VIDEO: Don Nelson on Good Morning Houston
- PHOTO: Tom Koch and Don Nelson serving drinks
- Don Nelson, Doug Brown and Tom Koch - the old team together in photo

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