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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wayne Dolcefino's next career move & party photos

After posting about Wayne Dolcefino leaving KTRK last week, I almost thought about not posting for the rest of 2012.  No post this year could be bigger than Dolcefino's departure in terms of reader interest and blog traffic. Then I came to my senses.

Last night, the infamous Houston Media Roundtable had a big goodbye party for Dolcefino at The Reef in Houston's Midtown. (Photos slideshow above - mobile users who can't see it, click here).

Wayne told me he is not interested in going back into TV right now. He also said people have been approaching him asking if he is retiring - that is not the case. In fact Wayne just created Dolcefino Communications LLC a few days ago. He is currently taking lots of phone calls and weighing his options.

Can you imagine Dolcefino as a consultant? He certainly has lots of knowledge and advice stored up for media, legal and political types after more than 30 years in broadcasting/investigative reporting.

Stay tuned.

As for some of the folks in attendance for the big Wayne-O sendoff: Rusty Hardin, Bob Martin, Paul Bettencourt, Margaret O'Brien-Molina, Mary Benton, Phil Archer, Doug Miller, Ned Hibberd, Ed Brandon, Minerva Perez, Elma Barrera, Lori Reingold, Bob Dows, Janice Evans, Jessica Michan, Joel Androphy, George Flynn, Carl Davis, Omar Perez, Scott Braddock, August Skamenca, Mary Flood, David Barron and Dr. Richard Murray among others.

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