Thursday, July 19, 2012

KTRK's Don Kobos celebrates 30 years today too

Don Kobos retires from KTRK abc13

Yesterday I posted about how KHOU 11 anchor Ron Trevino was hitting his 30th anniversary at the station today.

He's not the only one.

TV insiders let me know I forgot about Don Kobos at KTRK. You might remember Kobos as a reporter on channel 13 for 18 years, but over the last decade, he's been off camera as the station's assistant news director.

Turns out Kobos has also been at his station for 30 years with today as the anniversary date. Now that is an interesting coincidence.

Legend has it that Trevino and Kobos drop their competitive edge for five minutes each July 19th for a congratulatory phone call to each other on making it another year. I think for 30 they should buy each other a pearl brooch or something.

If you've read this blog for a while, you know I used to work at KTRK 13. In fact, Kobos is one of those repsonsible for hiring me full time in the station's news department (you can blame him). That means I know a thing or two about my old boss.

Before KTRK, the Wake Forest football player and graduate worked at WRAL in Raleigh. He came to 13 as an investigative reporter and ended up covering everything from politics, education to general assignments. When I interned there in the 90's, he was the station's city hall guy.

I remember Kobos having a cool business card that had a cartoon image of himself drawn by Bill Hinds of Tank McNamara fame. He has a sandwich named after him at Kahn's Deli in the Rice Village which I blogged about in 2006.

Kobos also used to call Rice University football games on the radio, he had a column in the Houston Community Newspapers and wrote a study skills booklet for junior high students. He once showed me a copy in his office.

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