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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

KHOU's Ron Trevino hits 30 years at channel 11


KHOU 11 morning anchor Ron Trevino hits a big milestone Thursday. Thirty years working at KHOU. He was kind enough to write a guest post for about his time at the station and in Houston.

Here is KHOU's Ron Trevino in his own words - a exclusive:

Being at KHOU for 30 years means I have worked here for most of my life…WOW! I was 23 years old when I was hired. I was still in college, so some of the interns in the news department were actually older than me! Now, I work with people who weren't even born when I got hired.

People are amazed when I tell them about the old days…working WITHOUT computers and all the fancy animated graphics. We had electric typewriters back then, which was a huge upgrade for me, because I worked with manual typewriters down in Corpus Christi.

I started out as a producer here, and some of the anchors I worked with included names like, Mitch Duncan, Steve Smith, Sylvan Rodriguez, Chip Moody, Amanda Arnold and Clare Casademont…any of those names jog the memory banks?

Being the producer of a newscast has always been a high pressure job and it was back then, too. I have vivid memories of manning the control room during our non-stop coverage of Hurricane Alicia, the Challenger disaster, and so many of the other major stories of the ‘80’s.

I went back and forth from producing duties and reporting duties for years. As reporter, I’ve covered everything from serial killers to rodeos. And my job has sent me all over the world. Still, when people ask me what my favorite story is, I can’t really answer. There’s really just too many to choose from.

I’ve had the best job in the world…and on many occasions, the worst, because also too numerous to mention, are all the stories that brought you and me to tears. Triumphs and tragedies and everything in between. Sorry if that sounds like a cliché, but that’s life. And “life” is basically what I still cover, to this day.

You may ask, why does one man stay one place for 30 years??? I love Houston. I love Texas.

And, KHOU is one of best stations in the country. Don’t take my word for it. Ask around. And watch some of our former reporters. They’re at all the major networks now.

Thirty years has been an honor. I would tell you more, but I have to go to bed now…that alarm clock goes off at 2:30 AM.

By the way, anchoring the morning news IS the best job on the planet! Except for that 2:30 thing.

Trevino anchors KHOU 11 News This Morning and KHOU 11 News at Noon. CONTACT: Leave me a Houston or Texas media news tip | COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here