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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Where is KHOU 11's David Paul?

An anonymous reader wrote to the blog with a question about KHOU 11's early newscasts:

What has happened to David Paul at KHOU?

He was our favorite meteorologist and he seems to have been replaced on the Noon news. This is terrible if he has been replaced.

Any word that you have would be appreciated.

"Chita [Johnson] has been the meteorologist for the noon newscast since the end of August," Rebecca Cantu with KHOU 11 community marketing and public relations told "David continues his role as morning meteorologist and Chita handles weather at noon and 4pm.

"By adding a new meteorologist to the team, and a new newscast at 4pm, we were able to distribute the weathercasts. David Paul has a big job from 4:30am to 7am on 11 News This Morning, plus weather cut-ins each day during the Early Show from 7-9a – and as you know, that job comes with a very early call time!"

Yes it does. Hopefully the anonymous reader will be able to sleep better knowing this info too.

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