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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wake up with KHOU 11's Chita Johnson

The arrival of Chita Johnson to Houston started off with a big bang on this blog and then news of the meteorologist kind of fizzled like Houston's chance of rain. Sorry about that. I know Johnson has fans that stop by here.

However I can report that Chita has been doing fill-in weather this week on KHOU 11 News this Morning with Christine Haas and Ron Trevino. So if you are working while KHOU 11 News at 4 is on (May I ask where your priorities are?), here is your chance to wake up and see Chita. I also understand that Chita has started doing the weather on KHOU's noon newscast. It's like we're watching an ever expanding Chita nation across KHOU.

I imagine that meteorologist David Paul must be on vacation. He needs it. Paul has been working overtime helping out Houston's theater district.

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