Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lana Hughes and J.P. Pritchard talk News 92 KROI with Mike McGuff

Lana Hughes and J.P. Pritchard courtesy of 
Brent Clanton

UPDATE: The News 92 KROI crew is saying the new 24 hour Houston news station debuts Monday 11/21/2011 at 5am.

It was recently reported by News 92 FM KROI staff members that November 17th would be the launch day of the new FM station. Well, I'm told now the launch of Houston's 24 hour radio news station has been pushed back to next week because of some final technical issues. That means Praise 92.1 listeners have a few more days of music.

In the meantime, Texas Radio Hall of Fame honorees (watch their induction speech) J.P. Pritchard and Lana Hughes, the new morning team for News 92 FM, talked with about their new home after almost 30 years with NewsRadio 740 KTRH.

"I am so ready to get back to what I love doing," Pritchard told "This is a wonderful fresh start for me, as I know it is for all of my new colleagues."

"It is so exhilarating working with some of the finest and most talented people in this business," Hughes told "The ideas brought to the table, the energy and the determination to give Houston and the surrounding areas the coverage they deserve are evident each and every day among staff members and Radio One management. The enthusiasm is palpable and we're having a blast doing what we love for a city we've called home for years."

There have been lots of reader questions in my blog's comments section trying to figure out just what type of news and features News 92 FM will air.

"Of course, our mission is to be first on the scene with news coverage 24/7 and to provide a voice for EVERY facet of the community," Hughes said. "And while we'll be maintaining a familiar, comprehensive news format, we're also planning some innovative and creative programming as well."

"Our plan is to bring Houston what it has long deserved -- an all news radio station that is committed to great journalism," Pritchard added. "And we hope to do it in a personable, friendly way without political agenda."

Last summer as this longtime morning duo were shown the door at their old station, Houstonians were unsure if they would ever hear from this longtime morning news team ever again. Would Lana and J.P. even want to start over again at a new radio station?

"As for moving from a place where I'd worked for so long, being part of this new FM venture with Radio One has been a wonderfully and remarkably easy transition," Hughes told me. "In fact, it was instantly comfortable, and I credit much of that to a talented, dedicated group of people with a common goal -- to make News 92 FM Houston's premiere news organization."

"And speaking personally, it is just great to be back with my old friends, and to be working with some new friends too," Pritchard said. "Radio One is being so supportive, renewing my faith that there is room for great local radio in an industry that seems to be obsessed with cost cutting."

Additional on air shifts will be filled by the likes of Dennis Spellman (formerly of KIAH 39), Mike Barajas (formerly of Fox 26 KRIV), Scott Braddock (formerly of 740 KTRH, 1080 KLRD), Carolyn Campbell (KHOU 11), Kevin Charles (Metro Networks,700 KSEV), Brent Clanton (formerly of 650 KIKK, 700 KSEV), Lanny Griffith (formerly of 101 KLOL, 94.5 KTBZ, Fox 26 KRIV), Laurie Kendrick (740 KTRH, 101 KLOL, 97.5 KFNC) , Martha Martinez (101 KLOL), Bonnie Petrie (740 KTRH, 1080 KRLD), Matt Sampsell Fox 26 KRIV, KIAH 39), Pattie Shieh (Fox 26 KRIV), Meteorologist Dr. Joe Sobel, Craig Roberts (KPRC 2, 101 KLOL, 55 KTBU), and Jorge Vargas (KIAH 39).

Also just brought to my attention late Wednesday night, is actually a working WordPress page. Still being worked on though.

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