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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Media circus around Dr. Michael Brown trial

Well known Houston hand doctor, Michael Brown, was found not guilty Tuesday of assaulting his wife. Turns out because of a past incident, he could have been locked up if found guilty. Enough about the case can get that anywhere...let's talk about the media circus around the trial!

Turns out the big boys and girls showed up for this one. That's right, ABC's 20/20 rolled into Houston to cover the Dr. Brown trial. I hear they brought in a bunch of cameras, crews and equipment into the Harris County Criminal Justice Center. They take this stuff seriously.

And you know who else takes it seriously? Judge Jim Wallace in the 263rd Criminal Court does. Isiah Carey AKA The Insite blogs that Judge Wallace scolded a Houston reporter during the trial:

Early last week a Houston reporter was admonished by the veteran judge for snapping pictures with a cellphone in court and posting them on Twitter. When that reporter was called up before Judge Wallace the journalist had her arms folded. Judge Wallace immediately told her to uncross her arms.


There were also groupies. Not for Doc Brown or even former Houston Astro Jeff Bagwell, but for the TV reporters and lawyers! On the click through, you will notice a photo of a groupie and then look behind him...The figure in the background looks like KIAH 39 NewsFix photographer Mike "Oreo" Sellers back there!

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