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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Michael Garfield is having a good 10 years; plus TV plans?

Can you believe that Michael Garfield "The High Tech Texan" has been around for 10 years! Heck, I remember being a young, impressionable Internet surfer who was curious about his Time Warner Road Runner ads near the start of the new century.

And get this, Garf nearly left us for California. OK, that might be bit of hyperbole, but he was recently doing his 950 KPRC Radio Mojo radio show from a beach house in Manhattan Beach, California through parts of July. He and Iron Man that is.

But there is more to this story! Sounds like Garf is getting back on TV in a big way. I know he's been doing Houston commercials lately, but his latest gig would send him nationwide. He has "reportedly" booked a walk-on gig with ABC's General Hospital. Could a certain possible UH Ph.D. candidate with the initials of J.F. be on the same show? Wear your eye patch to see. The photo over there is of Garf on the set.

I can hear the show's director now, "'Dr. Garf,' your hair is ready for its closeup."

But I think there is more to this TV story and it involves a Houston TV station (I'm trying to get the news out of him). I've noticed Garfield appearing a lot on KHOU 11's Great Day Houston. Then he had 11 morning anchor Christine Haas on his radio show this week. Oh...and don't forget his appearances on Haas' morning newscast as well as others on the station. I might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but is Garfield quickly becoming a full-time Belo dude or something? Hey, we already know he can be a TV producer's dream.

Stay tuned. Garf stands for tech in Houston.

Some stuff he actually would confirm to celebrate 10 years as the HTT, Garf is taking his radio show to Cabo August 18-20 and getting a new website this weekend. I noticed he's right at 5,000 Facebook fans so clearly his decade is going well!

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