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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Chance McClain, formerly of 1560 The Game, scores with musical

First of all, I want to get out of the way that there have been some changes at 1560 The Game KGOW...sort of. Owner Gow Broadcasting, which also owns national network Sporting News Radio (and uses 1560 talent) has merged with Yahoo! to create Yahoo! Sports Radio. You can read more about that here.

Now on to the news that I want to talk about. Former 1560 The Game program director Chance McClain has entered a new phase of his life and it is very different from his work getting KGOW-AM on the air. You might remember about me blogging on how McClain wrote a musical and put it on film. Now he has written a stage musical that was accepted into the New York Musical Theater Festival (NYMF).

"NYMF is basically the Sundance Film Festival for musical theater and my entry is a huge honor," McClain told "There are several interesting things about it, namely I have cast my primarily teen show here in Houston and a whole gaggle of people are going to New York for two weeks for the festival. Our amateurs will be competing against New York professionals."

He says it is a David vs Goliath thing.

The show is called Kissless. The description is:

An awkward misfit is forced to live with an uber-jock and his quirky family over summer break. An inconvenient love develops, threatening the rigid social structure of Forest Glen High School. Kissless's score bounces from pop to rock to traditional Broadway to country ... with a little Glee glitter on top. This production features a cast of Texas teenagers, descending upon the Big Apple with stars in their eyes, just enough money for a fake ID and an "I Heart NY" tattoo, and every intention of rocking your world.

Enough reading - how about some listening:

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