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Sunday, March 20, 2011

NewsFix debuts on KIAH 39; McGuff talks about it on Talk650 AM Monday

People have been sending their comments to me (public/private) about NewsFix on KIAH 39. It debuted Saturday night at 5 and 9pm.

Here is my original post in July 2010 talking about it's big announcement. Lots of things happened since that original post. People left 39, people were hired and for me personally, I was hired as a freelance reporter for KIAH 39 to hold down the news fort until NewsFix's arrival.

Well NewsFix is here and I'm gone from channel 39. Since I am no longer a Tribune employee, I am free to return to my blogging roots and talk about NewsFix.

In fact, I will be talking about the NewsFix revolution on the Talk650 KIKK-AM Morning Show at the lovely CBS Houston studios Monday morning at 9:30am. Brent Clanton and Steven Kay have been kind enough to bring me make sure to listen!

The last time I was on Talk650 was on Cleverley Stone's show to discuss my new reporting gig at KIAH 39 in September. How fitting! COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here