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Monday, August 30, 2010

VIDEO: 11 News I-Team launches on KHOU

I already sort of covered this with a link in an earlier post, but here are promos for KHOU 11's new 11 News I-Team (video below). The station says it will be the largest investigative unit in Texas.

The new group will include senior investigative reporters Jeremy Rogalski and Mark Greenblatt from the former 11 Defenders unit. The other contributors will be Len Cannon, Dave Fehling, Shern-Min Chow, Rucks Russell, Leigh Frillici and Jeff McShan. Others the station says are included include producers and photographers - two of which I am guessing will be producer David Raziq and photojournalist Keith Tomsh.

As I've been blogging in the last year, KHOU 11 has won a ton of awards for investigative journalism.

Here are the promos, hot off the Final Cut Pro machines, for the new 11 News I-Team.

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