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Monday, August 16, 2010

Gary Jaffe is new KIAH 39 Imaginator for NewsFix

Gary Jaffe has been announced as the new KIAH 39 Tribune Company NewsFix Imaginator multiple station sources tell me.

This guy has one hell of a resume.

He has produced films and was part of the launch team for The Tube Music Network (which aired on 39.2). Jaffe also worked in TV stations (CBS4 WFOR/UPN33) and has run his own production company called Concept Vision Media, Inc.

Jaffe starts the KIAH 39 NewsFix revolution August 23rd. I mean by that he starts at the station. NewsFix won't reportedly debut until October.

Maybe next time I apply for a job, I won't spend so much time blogging about the process. I never actually got around to applying since I was still getting suggestions as of today (was planning on the doing the deed tomorrow).

Oh well, this guy sounds like he has good experience for this gig. I also imagine Tribune Company had its eye on Jaffe for a while already considering how fast he was hired.

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