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Friday, April 02, 2010

Mooyah burgers: Memorable name, better burger

WAL76 Smiling Hamburger Embossed Coin Bag WalletIf you venture to the south to a land known as Pearland in the Houston area, there is a magical place called Mooyah. A fantastical place filled with giant cheeseburgers and fries.

OK enough with the fairy tale imagery. Mooyah in Pearland is one hell of a burger. No wizardry needed. I went a couple of months ago from the suggestion of Michael Penix and have already started to get the word out.

Mooyah burgers are made to order while you wait. And I waited, but it was worth every minute I sat there and avoided making eye contact with other customers. These suckers are big and juicy and probably not that healthy but you will not think about your heart or the preventative measures of Obamacare while you down one of these. You also get to select all the toppings when you order. Toppings aren't forced on you or sitting there going bad in a salad bar like environment after you pick up the burger at the counter.

The fries were good too. Maybe not Whataburger level, but still good.

If you are hamburger connoisseur like myself, do yourself a treat and get down to Pearland, Katy (Cinco Ranch area) or Webster because these are the only Mooyah franchises in the Houston area. This looks to be a Texas franchise which I expect to expand quickly based on the taste.

I understand Mooyah is a bit like Five Guys Burgers and Fries which I have not been to yet. Now you are thinking I've lost all credibility as a hamburger connoisseur because I have not experienced Five Guys yet (Michael Scott adds, "That's what she said!").

Does this food review help me pass the test for the Houston Press?

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