Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What about a Rock 101 KLOL documentary?


Margaret Downing posted on Hair Balls a few weeks ago how HISD is starting an Internet radio station for parents and students. I totally forgot to post this and now it is showing up all over the place.

Interesting concept.

I am more interested in Pat Fant, the man behind the new station. I've been blogging about Fant for years. He was one of the driving forces behind Rock 101 KLOL in its glory years. He then packed up and started 94.5 KTBZ The Buzz in the early 90s which was an amazing alternative station when it first signed on. He also tried to bring the KLOL spirit back with Rock 103.7 KIOL. That didn't work, but I am not sure he was the reason for the failure.

We should watch what he does this time.

And speaking of Rock 101 KLOL, I talked about putting together a DJ reunion, but Lanny Griffith suggested a better idea. A documentary. I have already been offered a great amount of material about the former rock station. It's the money that is the hard part. I would want to hire professional TV folks to help me like I did for the Mayor Annise Parker social media interview I recently conducted. A 15 minute interview is one thing, an entire documentary will cost a bit more. My 30 minute TV specials have been Emmy nominated so I can do this.  Know anyone who wants to sponsor something like this?

Pat Fant would be someone I would want to interview for sure - he along with Stevens and Pruett and gang, Outlaw Dave, Dayna Steele, Wendy Miller, Lanny Griffith and anyone else I could find. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here