Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rock 101 KLOL billboard becomes symbol

Hooray for Clear Channel in making the decision to kill Rock 101 KLOL in 2004. Smart move as Houston is still talking about it five years later. Remember the Facebook group I recently told you about?

It seems the base of a billboard on US 290 between W. Little York and Gessner was uncovered recently and guess what was under there? That's right a Rock 101 KLOL billboard. Now you can see photos of it all over Flickr. The station will not die.

Why did Clear Channel kill Rock 101? I've been told it was because you had 93.7 The Arrow KKRW which was classic rock on one side and on the other was alternative 94.5 The Buzz KTBZ. Rock 101 was stuck in the middle and kind of played music from both formats. The company realized that it had too many stations playing the same music. Which one was the one to die? The one that played what the other two did. Never mind that Rock 101 was a 30 year heritage station with a lot of history and a sense of community. Sure the station sucked in later years, but listeners were hopeful and still loyal. I was told the station was still making money too.

I have nothing against Mega 101. But it should have been Mega 93.7 in my opinion. Does anyone really care about 93.7 The Arrow? It gets listened to because it is one of the few places to play classic rock, but it has no real emotional connection with listeners like Rock 101 did. I suspect the 101.1 target looked viable for a Mega format because it was close on the dial to 102.9 FM.

Clear Channel does not own KLOL anymore. CBS now does. CBS should take a dead station like Mix 96.5 (it also recently acquired) and change that to Mega 96.5. Then bring back Rock 101. Just don't make it suck this time like Rock 103.7 KIOL please. The new Rock 101 should have a fresh coat of paint and updated image/music.

I would like someone to put on an event where all the old Rock 101 DJs come together and tell stories from back in the day. Local bands could play. The cost of the ticket to get in would pay for the event and also be donated to The Stevens and Pruett Ranch charity. Heck, maybe old Rock 101 advertisers would like to foot the bill. I think an event could get some buzz in the media and online too (that would make sponsors happy). Maybe I will work on this if this post generates any interest.

Maybe we should take some of the money from the event and buy a billboard across from the CBS studios that says "Bring Back Rock 101!"

If you liked Rock 101, pass this link to your friends please.

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