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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

KLOL and KHMX are with CBS

It's official :

Houston: CBS will get KHMX-FM & KLOL-FM, joining a cluster which already includes KIKK-AM, KKHH-FM & KILT AM-FM. Clear Channel retains KTBZ-FM, KBME-AM, KKRW-FM, KODA-FM, KPRC-AM & KTRH-AM. READ MORE

What does this mean to you right now? Not much if you believe the company. CBS says it is keeping the Mega 101 and Mix 96.5 formats. Will they keep their word? That's anybody's guess now.

I can tell you that CBS made sure to stop rebroadcasting NewsRadio 740 KTRH on Mega 101 KLOL HD-2 though. The HD2 station is gone. You never know what you are getting HD Radio wise with CBS in Houston. As I've written before, Hot 95.7 HD2 is supposed to be dance - that is if you can get it. Most of the time the HD2 station just isn't there. I don't have that problem with Clear Channel Houston's HD2 stations.

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