Wednesday, December 19, 2007

97.1 The Eagle KEGL Dallas, Fort Worth gets rock back

When I lived in Waco, I always listened to 97.1 The Eagle KEGL in Dallas/Fort Worth. It was an awesome station when I could pick it up. I moved away and a few years later Clear Channel killed the rock format.

After some failed attempts at easy listening and Spanish music, the DFW Metroplex has rock back on 97.1 KEGL complete with The Eagle name. Will they get most of the original DJs back? Cindy Scull and Robert Miguel now work at 93.3 KDBN in Dallas. Russ Martin is now on Live 105.3 KLLI-FM. No way will they bring back Kramer and Twitch, but Chris Ryan could walk down the hall from 102.1 The Edge KDGE.

If you are out of the DFW area, you can listen to the station here. It sounds good so far and appears to be commercial free.

Vince Richards who has run 101 KLOL (when it was rock), 93.7 The Arrow KKRW and 94.5 The Buzz KTBZ in Houston will head to Dallas to run both KEGL and KTBZ. Over on the gossipy radio boards, some have brought up that he might take Houston talent like Rod Ryan with him. Hope not.

Does this mean Clear Channel is having a change of heart and will bring back rock to Houston's 101.1 KLOL? I doubt it. If they are moving the guy who last ran the station, that's probably not a good sign.

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  1. "Hey Dallas, you Rock! on 97.1 The Eagle!" Yea im so glad the station is back, I know that everyone is not gonna come back but i hope at least Chris Ryan does because hes in the same building.

  2. Oh my freakin gawd! Just in time for the holidays folks. I could hardly stand another second of hearing that (blowing) "sunshine" (up my a**) music or Tejano-pop stuff they were playing on 97.1FM. If anybody on this forum works for or knows people that work for the Eagle, let them know they made a d*mn good decision in bringing back the rock baby! And they should keep it that way. I'm so happy right now, I'm almost on the verge of tears man. Just keep the hits and the rock variety comin and we'll all be happy in DFW. Now if only something could be done about that lame KISS (my a**) station... and the (KDGE) Edge, definitely starting to lose just that. I LOVE YOU EAGLE!!! *sobbing in happiness*

  3. Its great to see the eagle back.I grew up on the eagle Maybe Texas isnt turning into Mexico after all.

  4. Any with any great sense, Clear Channel will put Walton and Johnson on in the morning since DFW has dearly missed their presence.

  5. Hell Yeah. Finally, the Eagle is back. Enough with 102.1 the Emo Station.
    It's nice to finally have some real Rock 'n Roll back in DFW!!

    Rock on!!

  6. It's about time!!!! For Dallas to be left without a good rock station was a huge mistake. Welcome back and don't leave.

  7. I used to jam out to KLOL in Houston, and ESTATIC that a station a LOT like KLOL is on up here in Dallas. The whole KIOL incident in Houston sucked, but we've got a full-fledged rock station just like my old KLOL.

    But keep Rod Ryan away!




    Very childish. It won't last if he does do the morning show.

    How about Walton and Johnson? They were on the Bone for a while, and disappeared...

  8. I am still finding it hard to believe that Crapchannel has ressurected the Eagle - absolutely amazing! I guess they couldnt make any money with snooze tunes or latino polka music (gag!)Its unfortunate all the good dj's are at other stations, although Chris Ryan can stay at the Edge, he is a friggin moron! I would like it if they kept it as it is now without any dj's, its nice having good tunes in the am without having to endure some morons rambling for 3 hours every day.


  10. I work at a convenience store in Flower Mound that has Debbie Sexxton (formerly of 93.3) come through frequently. She has expressed her interest in DJing for KEGL and has mentioned that Cindy Skull is considering returning to the Eagle.


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