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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jack is dead at 103.7 FM in Houston

It appears to me that Jack has been dumped at the 103.7 KHJK frequency in Houston. Yes the station's Web site still has Jack logos all over it, but the name is missing on air. Lots of people have been asking me what's going on at the station and I have no answer.

Seems like it is slowly transitioning away from the Jack format to "103.7 FM Adult Alternative." Not the most exciting name, but at least you know what you are getting I guess.  I've been listening to the station on 104.1 HD2 (KRBE is the Cumulus sister station) since it comes in clear as a bell compared to the real 103.7 La Porte frequency.

Tuesday I had to check the calendar since I heard Steve Robison DJing alternative music in afternoon drive. It was like I was in the 1990s listening to 107.5 The Buzz all over again (it wasn't always on 94.5 you know). This is another reason Jack must have been killed off. The Jack format doesn't have DJs. I always wondered if CBS would have flipped the 95.7 The Wave to Jack if Cumulus hadn't flipped Rock 103.7 KIOL first.

Next thing you know David Sadof will be back on the air with Lunar Rotation Sunday nights. I hope that happens! David what's going on? Should I start a petition now or later?

Here are some of the songs the station played Tuesday night:
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight Artist: U2,  Karma Police Artist: Radiohead, Blue On Black, Artist: Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Drops Of Jupiter Artist: Train, Unglued Artist: Stone Temple Pilots, Even Flow Artist: Pearl Jam, Everyday Is A Winding Road Artist: Sheryl Crow, Airstream Driver Artist: Gomez, Under The Milky Way Artist: Church

- 103.7 KIOL will become Jack FM
- Donna McKenzie is on 103.7 JACK FM KHJK
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