Thursday, August 30, 2007

103.7 KIOL will become Jack FM

Stepping out of his usual sports beat, David Barron reports that Rock 103.7 will soon be no more. That station brings Houston Jack FM:

The eclectic, iPod shuffle-like music format known as Jack FM makes its Houston debut at 10:37 a.m. Friday at 103.7 FM.

The Cumulus Media station, now known as KIOL or Rock 103.7 FM, will be reformatted as KHJK, said Pat Fant, Cumulus' Houston market manager.

Houston will be the seventh market in Texas and the fifth top 10 market in the country to add Jack FM, which formats about a thousand songs by 500 artists in 18 genres of music dating from the late 1960s through today.


That format runs without DJs by the way. I have listened to JACK FM Dallas and LA. I liked what I heard on both. The Los Angeles station leans a little more rock from what I heard. Usually CBS is behind the format in the United States, not Cumulus. I'm not sure what to expect. The one thing I do know is the music will be all over the place.

I was upbeat about KIOL before it came on the air. Then I heard it. I was hoping for a heavier leaning (possibly active rock) station that attempted to bring back KLOL from the early 90s. Instead it seemed to mimic the lethargic version Clear Channel broadcasted.

BTW, Houston has had PAT FM on 106.9 HD2 for a while. That's a 90's mix.


Is rock radio coming back in Houston?


  1. This sucks! Are there no more TRUE OUTLAW ROCK stations out there. I don't know about other people, but I truly enjoyed the performance of the DJ's. THIS SUCKS!!! What is the world coming to?!? THIS SUCKS!!

  2. I hate this new station. WHere is Wendy Miller?? THe songs suck!! I love the ole time rock and the new stuff they used to play. Now I have to find a new station!!!

  3. What the f*** is going on? Fisrt, we get KLOL taken away (which rocked!) and now KIOL (which was decent)! This is what I call "pussification" of houston radio. Somebody please give us some good 'ol ROCK-N-ROLL.

  4. I am just damn glad that I can pick up The Big Dog 106.1 out of Beaumont. They are the only hard rock station still out there.

  5. The station could have gone Mexican circus clown music and the rest of our
    Southern neighbor would have moved to Houston. Looks like satellite for me.

  6. man jack fm....what the hell? what happened to good old rock 103.7? that station was great, and around my neighborhood at least, it was one of the most popular stations around! now we have this jack piece of shit station....seriously. i just got out of my car while listening to an adult video megaplex commercial on jack...103.7 never stooped so low. and besides their excessive commercials, their song choice leaves much to be desired....we don't need another mix 96.5 we need a goddamn rock station. damnit jack get off the air or give us our decent rock 103.7 back

  7. It's all about the numbers. KLOL wouldn't have gone away if it had better ratings. Same thing happened to KIOL's rock attempt. I did hear a part of a commercial about problems with your sex life. I changed it. Ironic tho, 950 AM changed it's format a bit. Their website has the "Babe Pages" a page full of scantily clad chicks. Now that's sinking low!

  8. anonymous complaining about an Adult Video Megaplex ad. That's so funny. KIOL was one of the stations broadcasting strippers and porn stars in the DJ booth. Ever listen to Outlaw Dave?

  9. You people need to get a life. Who listens to air radio anymore anyway??? Apparently not many people. At least that is what KIOL's advertisers determined - pulling their $$$ and thereby pulling this plug on a format that is not going to survive in this town.

    Plug in your iPod and create your own radio station....

  10. Amazing that a city the size of Houston will not have a rock station. The two-chord Emo crap from 94.5 isn't "rock."

  11. everybody needs to let it go.. KIOL was never the same as KLOL and they told us it would be and now they're both gone.. Sirius sattelite radio is the way to go..

  12. Ever hear of 93.7? Stop saying there isn't a rock station. I wasn't happy when I had to listen to 96.5 when KRBE went to crap. Deal with it.

  13. I grew up with KLOL. I loved it, but honestly, the material was getting stale and Clear Channel killed the music playlist and put the final nail in the coffin of KLOL. KIOL came around and hope was once again attained, albeit briefly. Most of the KLOL staff managed to get onto KIOL and it was a good lineup. After a couple of months the music list started to suck. If I wanted to hear 60s and 70s music I would listen to 93.7. Nothing at all wrong with that music, except when they only play the same 10 songs all day long. I really like KLOL from the 90s. They mixed up 60s/70s rock with the edgier new stuff (not the grunge crap) of the time. To me, that was the perfect station.

    As far as XM or hell with 'em. Why do I want to support a broadcast company (ClearChannel) that officially killed KLOL??? Yes, CC owns XM and if they already haven't, is trying to acquire Sirius.

    On the Ipod thing, meh. "Digital" media is overrated. I'll stick to my analog media and enjoy rich sound from my rock and roll........the way it was meant to be.

  14. WTF!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! This SUX!!! Houston can't keep a good rock n roll radio station?? Thank GOD for iPod's cause who ever is in charge of Houston rock radio is a stone cold moron. We have been invaded by the easy listening wide variety idiots and it really SUX. Someone made a huge mistake.

  15. IMikeee T said.
    This is horse crap on the radio!!!
    What the heck is wrong you you idiots? You just insured the fact that I will never listen to that whimpy 103.7 "JACK" FM. If you knuckleheads ever regain your dignity you will re-install the TRUE ROCK & ROLL STATION YOU HAD.
    >>>Houston radio now completely sucks!!!<<<

  16. Here in Beaumont, I recently discovered that in addition to "Big Dog" 106.1, I can also pick up "Pirate" 101.3, a rock station out of Lake Charles. I don't think the signal is strong enough to reach Houston, though.

  17. Cold hard fact is that Houston radio has always SUCKED! I mean come on KLOL wasnt that great, sure it had the title of outlaw radio but they really didnt play anything that different. You could hear some of the same stuff on 94.5 or 93.7. We will continue to have crappy radio stations in this town because thats the kind of crap a majority of Houstonians like to listen to until they pull there heads out and aquire a better taste for what is good music Houston has no hope!

  18. First Walton and Johnson and now Wendy Miller. As far as I am concerned you can take your new jack and stick it where the sun don't shine.

  19. This is Shit! I want to know who the hell let Wendy Miller go?? I knew her 2 week vac. was B.S%$#. Get this station BACK ON THE AIR! I'm pissed off. I listen everyday, I somtimes sleep in my rock 103.7 t-shirt! I was a single mom like Wendy, I loved her Energy. Now I feel like I' been JACKED- with this Bum "elton john" playing radio station...signed:Debbie Belt

  20. When KLOL went away I used to say "F**K clear channel"....

    Nowadays I got a new saying...
    "F**K Cumulus too"

  21. WTF WTF WTF WTF !!!!!!!!! KLOL brought me through the ages WITHOUT doing drugs cause I could hear the music created by those on DRUGS.....LOL THEN POOF after 40 years??? it's gone......I'm much older now and luckily don't have time for drugs.... beside shooting LARGE BORE weapons is more of RUSH than any DRUG could ever give you !!! but now I've been JACKED!!!! and I'm ARMED looking for a TARGET of opportunity to unleash on.... WENDY MILLER I met you a couple of times..... and if I wouldn't of been married at the time you would of been my future ex-wife. YOU ARE HOTTTT!!!! BRING BACK REAL ROCK TO HOUSTON....... LETS TAKE BACK KLOL from the SPICS and make HOUSTON radio sound like it should, AMERICAN !!!!
    call JACK the DJ less station and bitch until they change it back!!!!! and bring back the DJ's !!!! cause SHE needs the MONEY !!!!

  22. this new jack off radio is fucking bull shit. It might as well be another fucking mexican station

  23. This is BULLSHIT. Bring back Rock and Roll. The whole town has been Jacked Over!!!! Screw Clear Channel. Bring back Wendy Miller. How else are we going to get local concert info?

  24. You'll need to get an ipod for rock radio from now on.

    Mega 101 is a great addition to the Houston radio dial for an under served audience.

    Jack FM will give Houston a choice for great music.

  25. This does SUCK!!! First you take away KLOL AND NOW KIOL and replace it with some F***ed up crap. Where is Wendy? She was the best DJ on the radio. You take away Dave and now Wendy. What the hell is going on with this city ? JACK FM SUCKS AND DOES NOT KNOW JACK ABOUT WHAT HOUSTON WANTS IN A RADIO STATION!!!!!

  26. SURVEY SAYS..Lynch Jack!
    Just turn off the transmitter and go home.

  27. Walton and Johnson is on 950am in houston

  28. I am truly disappointed that KIOL is gone and replaced with this CRAP. JACK-FM is horrible. Lord we need a good ROCK station here in Houston.

  29. First we lose OUTLAW DAVE and his private band of Houston strippers. Now we lose our mid day Queen MISS WENDY MILLER? I partied with Dave and Wendy at KLOL 34th b-day party, BLS, SLAYER AND PREIST! Now we got this lame ass station "JACK"? This SUCKS! Houston radio stations suck! I have to listen to BIG DOG from Beaumont which aint cool cus KIOL kept me up on HARLEY runs for me to putt my scooter too! JACK SUCKS, SLAYER 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I Happen to be a Spick, and also a fan of Rock 101, and I'm pretty pissed myself White Man, It's a real fuckin' shame that Houston is losing such a Rockin' station, I've got memories jammin' to KLOL since the early 80's. Hopefully some people will get some sense and bring it back, or, I'm sure very soon, they'll be another station alot similar. I guess I'll be jammin 94.5 till then.

  31. FUCK No!!! This is terrible! Right when Rock N' Roll is making a Comeback.

  32. Its official, Houston's ROCK 103.7 station is now for Star Buck Drinking PUSSIES!!!!..GET YOUR BALLS BACK, AND BRING BACK OUR ROCK STATION!!and another thing about the "Spic" comment...
    from one white dude to another..
    your, a Cousin Fucking Redneck"!!!

  33. LOL...

    You 32 people who have posted here were the only listeners of KIOL...

    That's why they are gone. It's called supply and demand. There is very little demand for AOR.

    Get over it already.


  35. this is horrible the only semi-Rock station left in Houston is now dead.(no, whoever that was that said 93.7 was rock, you are mistaken)

    I have lived in several other large cities in different parts of the country over the years and everywhere except here has awesome rock stations: Funkey Munkey,101 KUFO, and 97 Rock are all in Washington.

    When I am at a computer I can listen to any of these as well as Big Dog 106 as they all stream on the internet. This is the only way to listen to any type of actual rock station in the Houston area unless you can pick up Big Dog over the air.

    As far as the electronic surveying to be able to determine the types of radio stations being listened to, of course there is not going to be enough people listening to rock stations in Houston to warrant another one BECAUSE THERE HASN'T BEEN AN ACTUAL ROCK STATION IN HOUSTON IN 20 YEARS, therefore there is obviously no one listening to broadcast rock here. It's sad.

    It is very strange to look at the numbers of types of stations here - I bet hispanic stations out-number all others combined.

    Oh, and yes I very much agree that Clear Channel and Cumulus are both extremely EVIL corporations. Clear Channel took away the last semblence of a rock station we had and turned it into a spanish-speaking only station overnight. This obviously caters to illegal immigrants that do not speak english; as you would speak english if you were born and raised here. (you have to speak english in scool)

    anyway, enough ranting

    adios -- er -- I mean later

  36. It seems we are moving to a more robotic and less personal form of radio. For anyone who loves Classic Rock, this simply does not work. The music is about the people who make it and enjoy it with one another and that includes the d.j.'s who "spin" it for us. Removing the person and changing the music is a total mistake. I hope Wendy and the others find a great home somewhere to continue to share their gifts and love for music.

  37. damn beaners!! why cant they speak english and be edumacated like us? adopt our culture, dammit! Be a fat, lazy, ignorant ball of shit like us!

  38. What happened to Outlaw Dave, and Wendy Miller, where are they now??? Is Van Halen coming to Houston, if so, I want to talk to Eddie about buying back 101 KLOL.

  39. I am sick to my stomache about this "Jack" bullshit... Total and complete bullshit. The people that make the decisions about we the people get to hear are a bunch of fags that get people to sit in a rat room and the people tell the fags that,"Oooohh Prince sounds great!" That is how this crap starts. Then they kill the DJ-completely. Those of us in broadcasting should fight back for what real ROCK radio is and should be!! Wendy we miss you!

  40. JackShit 103.7 FM what a fucking joke. Houstonians need to put a group of investors together and buy a Radio Station. Let's put Wendy and Outlaw Dave back to work.

  41. Where is Wendy Miller now? She should get a bunch of investors and buy a radio station and bring back True Rock.

  42. It's pathetic that a city the size of Houston cant even support a hard rock radio station. I find this unbelievable. Actually right now the best Rock & Roll in S.E. Texas is comming out of "The Big Dog" in Beaumont Tx. 106.1 on the dial. I live in Crosby & work in LaPorte so I usually can get it on my radio. They need to amp-up so they can reach out & touch the rest of Houston. Right now, once you get west of about Deer Park, a Country station cuts in on that Freq. Which sucks, we already have dozen of C.W. stations along with the dozen Latino stations as well. To be quite honest the 106.1 Big Dog station has been rocking alot better than KLOL has for yrs.

  43. I am 50 years old.
    I am originally from northeast Ohio.
    Maybe some of you have heard of the BIG station there, WMMS....more on this later.

    The closest thing to a real Rock station in Houston???

    KKRW???? sort of ok but way too laid back

    The Buzz??? Some of this new stuff is good, but they have a lot of lame music as well

    The Point??? Not enough 70's and 90's along with too much "mix" style music.

    eg...newer Aerosmith...none of the above formats will play it.

    Who came up with this Jack format doesn't know jack....crap.

    WMMS...was an illegal basement station in started in the late 60's. I have heard KLOL started the same way. WMMS has had more to do with making Cleveland Ohio Rock's HOF than most people outside northeast Ohio realize.
    I came to Houston in 1982, going from listening to WMMS to, much to my.....delight AND surprise, a kickin' rock station...101 KLOL.

    After I came to Houston, some dumb f....some idiot
    changed the format of WMMS to what is equivalent to Houston's magic 102...This lasted approximately 2 weeks....
    So, if we could find the right avenue to pursue, we may be able to get Cumulus to change it's mind....or some other failing station to give our style of rock a chance.
    If this avenue is found, you'll have me there barking louder than the whole Cleveland Browns " dawg pound " combined!!!!

    Today's mighty oak is yesterday's nut that held it's ground work hours had me a little more partial to Lisa


  44. Once again The only station I can stand changes to suck pop or mexican formats.Jack Radio SUCKS!
    My god, This is Houston TX not some little one station town.

  45. I travel for work between Houston, San Antonio and Austin. Austin has Bob FM, San Antonio has Jack fm, and IT's About time Houston had such a station!
    "Variety is the spice of Life".

    (now I only need 1 station in Houston!)

  46. I'm over here in Orange County. We get Big Dog out of Beaumont but it plays the same tired crap that put KIOL and KLOL out of business. Don't know how many people know about this but Houston still has these two shows.

    Ejacula plays album cuts from hard rock bands and Deadthyme plays Punk, Goth and Metal.


    Here are a few of the best radio shows in Houston (in alphabetical order):

    deadthyme (myspace): punk/ industrial/ goth and all it's many subgenres; mixing brand new underground bands with hard to find old out of print classics.
    3 AM to 6 AM Sunday nights/ Monday mornings (whichever you prefer to call it) on KPFT 90.1 FM.

    Ejacula (myspace): most all forms of metal (except glammy type stuff); also other heavy stuff like grindcore, metalcore, industrial metal, etc.
    3 AM to 6 AM Thursday nights/ Friday mornings (whichever you prefer to call it) on KPFT 90.1 FM.

    From the Depths (myspace): Only the brutalist forms of metal (death, black, thrash) mixed with some old school classics.
    10 PM to 1 AM Sunday nights on KTRU 91.7 FM.

    The Genetic Memory Show (myspace): Experimental, noise, college, dark ambient, power electronics, soundscapes, etc.
    Monday nights 10 PM to 1 AM on KTRU 91.7 FM.

    Messerschmitt World Domination Happy Hour (myspace): An eclectic mix of punk, indie rock, experimental, spoken word, metal, post punk, and other offbeat forms of artistic expression, often built around a theme each night.
    4 AM to 6 AM Sunday mornings every 1st, 3rd, and 5th week of the month on KPFT 90.1 FM.

    The Mutant Hardcore Flower Hour (myspace): Punk rock through the ages, with a focus on classic U.S. (Dischord, SST, etc.) punk rock, but also including hardcore, post punk, and offbeat underground music that falls between the cracks of punk and indie.
    Thursday nights from 10 PM to midnight on KTRU 91.7 FM.

    Rad Rich's Rock & Roll Revue (myspace): Dedicated to underground Punk, Hardcore, Rockabilly, Ska, and Garage, with a strong focus on the local scene.
    12:30 AM to 3 AM Thursday nights, every 2nd and 4th week of the month on KTRU 90.1 FM.

  48. Yes I hate Jack radio too.KLOL rocked.I listened to KLOL from the very first start and to the end.KIOL was not AS great,but a hell of a lot better than this jack-shit radio.I sure miss you guys,so where do ya'll go from here?

  49. I like the new station!!
    It's new,different,and cool!

  50. you people need to shut the fuck up. 94.5 the buzz sucks ass but the the arrow and eagle gets soo fuckin old. i can only hear the goddamn police so many times. face it, your old timey crap rock is dead and gone, they play the same 50 fuckin songs back to back to back, why dont you just buy a fuckin classic rock cd and keep it on repeat. at least this station has more variety you bitches

  51. Jack FM is the worst radio station in the world! They play the same songs over and over again ang in between every song the "dj" gives canned homoerotic slogans such as "mmmmm touch my nob, I'm sticky" and "from our lips to your ears, mmmmmmm didn't know we had such an intimate relationship"

  52. Would it make you happy to learn that Rock 101 KLOL and great Rock & Roll is back? Check it out at or

  53. Whoever thinks 94.5 The Buzz is a good station should have their fucking head checked out. They play the same 10 lame ass commercialized pop-"rock"(and i use that term by default not because it rocks in any way, shape, or form), combined with the same 10 played out songs from the 90s. When you're playing songs that are used in fucking cell phone commercials, YOU ARE NOT FUCKING ROCKING! I'm of course referring to that song where he just keeps repeating that he's just too close to love you, MAKES ME WANT TO GOOGLE THE INFORMATION ABOUT THE ARTIST WHO SINGS IT, FIND HIS TOURING SCHEDULE, BUY TICKETS IN THE FRONT ROW, BUY AN AR-15 AND SING "IT FEELS LIKE I'M JUST CLOSE ENOUGH TO FUCKING KILL YOU" AS I SPRAY THEM DOWN! Ahem. That being said, 93.7 and 107.5 are OK but as someone else said, they get very old to listen to after a while because they just replay the same songs each day. There is a lot of good old school rock artists that they could play (Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, etc) but refuse to other than extremely rarely. I really wish someone would make a harder rock station for Houston but I'm not surprised that the crap being played these days is what the masses actually want to listen to.


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