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Monday, October 02, 2006

iPod gets games but do they cease and desist boredom?

Jim Thompson writes about the new group of iPod games that are ready for downloading:

All the new iPod games are attractive and look great on the iPod's small screen. The graphics have a rich, layered look, in contrast to the simple, boring primary colors of the built-in iPod games. If you've played the Flash or downloadable versions of these games (some of which are available online), you'll feel right at home with the iPod versions. Even Pac-Man, which replicates the graphics of the classic arcade game, looks great, if a little squished, on the 'pod.

Each game has its own music and palette of sound effects (the exception is Pac-Man which, like the original, has sound effects but no music). Both music and sound effects are excellent across the board. The music is pleasing but unobtrusive. Sound effects are intense and textured; the sound of cracking bricks in Vortex is especially satisfying to my ears. Zuma's sound effects include some nice vocal touches, like the "Zuuuma!" chant when you near the endpoint of each stage.
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