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Friday, June 30, 2017

Charlie Pallilo's new radio home announced

Charlie Pallilo heading to SB Nation 1560 AM KGOW and ESPN 97.5 KFNC

Ken Hoffman has broken the news he has been promising as of late. Thursday on Twitter, Hoffman said:

I can break it now. Charlie Pallilo back on radio - M-F on 1560 AM, pop-ins on @espn975. Details to follow. Now stop bugging me everybody!

As you might remember last October, Josh Innes returned to Houston and took over Pallilo's slot on Sports Talk 790 AM KBME. (Innes since has moved to 790's morning show.)

Pallilo listeners were outraged. They have been emailing me ever since asking where he will show up.

Hoffman now works for CultureMap, which is owned by Gow Media now, who also owns 1560 KGOW and ESPN 97.5 KFNC.

Me, I work for no one. By the way, can you spare a dime?

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