Thursday, February 16, 2017

Lily Jang to return to Houston TV

Former KHOU morning anchor Lily Jang to produce documentary for Houston Public Media TV 8 KUHT

Former KHOU morning anchor Lily Jang has announced she will be working with Houston Public Media (TV 8 KUHT) on producing a documentary about Vietnamese refugees that came to Houston after the Vietnam War.

Jang, who was born in Vietnam, and whose family made the journey to Houston themselves, will have a unique look on the subject.

She and a KUHT crew will travel to Vietnam to document her family's history.

This local look at Vietnam will be aired in tandem with THE VIETNAM WAR, a ten-part, 18-hour documentary film series directed by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick that will air on PBS in September 2017.

Jang left KHOU last December where she had worked since 2012.

Houston Public Media sent me a synopsis of what Jang will be working on:

Lily will travel to Vietnam to show the vibrant culture of the country today. They will meet expats from Houston including a fashion designer who started “Project Runway Vietnam.” He’ll show the crew the youthful and edgy fashion scene in Vietnam. They will meet an advertising executive who lives a global existence: raised in the Texas Hill country, he now works in Vietnam, has a son in Norway and a home in Houston. Lily will also experience the street food scene from the back of a moped on a “Back of the Bike” foodie tour, where she’ll surely look for the best banh-mi and pho in Saigon. Lily will also journey back to the street where she was born and share the incredible trails that her family experienced making their way to America. It will be a personal journey full of joy and excitement.


  1. I'm so glad she's back. It would be even better if she was replacing any of the worthless anchors at KPRC (Dom, Beek, Donkey Punch, Can't Read, Short Round). But at least she's back.

    Hell, she could actually make me watch the unwatchable Houston Life junk fest (that Broome woman is horrible and her fake smile when she stares at the camera is annoying.)

    Welcome back, Lily!!!!

  2. I would take Lily on that Houston Life or something. But glad she has a project for a while.

    I have nothing against Lisa or Russ but just loved her with Ron in the Morning. But too for February seems Ron even has hardly been on with Super Bowl, Grammy's and things too.

    So great next chapter for Lily to document this story and more

  3. So many here predicted all the other stations would offer Lily an anchor job when KHOU let her go. What happened? She's doing a documentary for PBS. Just shows people who post here don't work in the TV business and probably never have. I'm sure she's a nice enough person but why would another station hire an anchor from a last place newscast?

    1. Owen Smokesplenty2/19/2017 12:44:00 AM

      Because the problem wasn't her. Unlike KHOU, Lily actually knows what she's doing. Good for her for not going down with that ship!

  4. I heard ol' Troglodyte at Ch 2 has been out with laryngitis (more likely throat cancer based on his chain smoking). Maybe Lily can replace him?

    1. Owen Sucks Plenty! (And Amy Davis' wrinkled nose curl, when she laughs and closes her weak consumer expert tripe, is disgusting...)

  5. Should be a really good documentary. I look forward to watching it. Welcome back, Lily 😊 Houston is where you belong.


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