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Friday, December 14, 2012

KPRC 2's Frank Billingsley weds partner of 17 years

This year KPRC 2 has been no stranger to big weddings. Most notably anchor Dominique Sachse married Nick Florescu in May.

Now channel 2 viewers get another big one. It's chief meteorologist Frank Billingsley. Billingsley married Kevin Gilliard who he's been with for 17 years. The station says the two got hitched in New York City. The couple was married on 12/12/12. SEE PHOTOS reports the wedding was held at the Eventi Hotel near the Empire State Building. It took place at 8:11pm. Why? The couple met August 11. There were close to 70 attendees including their son, Morgan.

"I think the nation is changing their attitude on the whole issue," Billingsley told the Houston Chronicle. "You will find them very different and much more accepting and supportive. This was really the best day of our lives. It was an affirmation that we wanted to make legally."

I've been pondering this and I think this makes Billingsley the most high profile TV personality in Houston to officially come out in a public way (and of course then get married since that is more of a recent possibility).

Over the years, Billingsley has been the Houston version of Anderson Cooper. Some people heard the rumors about his sexuality, but most probably didn't even think about it and just wanted him to tell them if a hurricane was coming our way.

The first time I heard about Billingsley being gay had to be from KLOL's Stevens and Pruett show in the 90s and they only indirectly talked about it. Much like Good Morning America's Sam Champion,  Billingsley addressed his sexuality directly with a marriage announcement.

According to his station bio, Billingsley was raised in Alabama, and came to work at KTRK 13 in 1989. He was the weekend meteorologist there. In 1995, Billingsley made the jump to KPRC 2 where he has been ever since. I remember he had a non-compete clause, so KPRC ran promos where they showed video of clouds and said something like "The Houston weather is about to become more Frank."


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