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Monday, January 30, 2017

Drew Karedes to exit KHOU 11

KHOU 11 reporter Drew Karedes to leave for WFXT FOX Boston

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Drew Karedes

As Tom Brady and the New England Patriots arrive in Houston for Super Bowl LI, reporter Drew Karedes is waving goodbye to Houston and KHOU 11 and heading back to Beantown where it all began for him.

"After 10 years, 3 cities cross country & a collection of lifelong friendships along the's time to go back to the place that has always been 'home' in my heart," Karedes wrote on Instagram. "Boston, I'll see you in March for a new adventure at Fox 25."

The Bayou City gets to see his reporting a little longer at least.

Karedes came to H-Town's channel 11 back in 2012.

Prior to Texas, he bet on a job at Las Vegas' KTNV. Before that he reported at the NBC affiliate in Green Bay, WI. And then where it all began for him, behind the scenes at WHDH Boston.

The Boston-area born and raised Karedes is a graduate of Northeastern University School of Journalism.

Karedes will be with the TEGNA Houston station through February.

KHOU 11 reporter Rucks Russell just announced earlier this month he has left the station.

Jacqueline Crea to exit KHOU 11

Here is the message Karedes sent to the KHOU 11 news department:

After nearly five years at KHOU, it’s time to for me to head home – to Boston. When I left ten years ago after graduating college….I always dreamed of going back. I knew I would make it happen – I just didn’t know when. The new job I’ll be starting in March reporting for WFXT Boston.. is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for.. and working toward all along.

The journey from Green Bay to Las Vegas to Houston has been an experience of a lifetime. I will always be appreciative for how this adventure continues to shape me as a person. Tough for me to narrow down my favorite memories or stories from my years at KHOU… because there are so many!

The opportunities I’ve had at KHOU have transformed me into a much stronger reporter and person. I’ll never forget rushing to Bush airport as soon as we got word that two homemade bombs detonated at the Boston Marathon in 2013. The stories of courage and perseverance we were able to tell Houston viewers about (live from Boston)… in the days that would follow… will always hold a special place in my heart.

Also, a very memorable moment that stands out…. our live coverage from Alabama on the Carnival “poop cruise” in 2013. More than 4,000 passengers and crew members out of Galveston had been stranded aboard the ship after a fire knocked out the ship’s power. The ship drifted for a LONG four days before it could be towed into Mobile, Alabama. We were there to greet them with open arms!

Here locally, I have had so many chances to be on the front lines of big breaking stories….many in the national spotlight. From flash floods to mass shootings to dramatic SWAT scenes to high speed chases – there has rarely been a dull moment I can recall. I’ve also been able to tell so many heartwarming stories… from across the community… including the story of Brittany Davila – the 16 year old cheerleader with Down Syndrome… who was banned from serving as a cheerleader in Deer Park (…and told she had to “sit in the stands at games instead of rooting on the team because she was a liability”). Shortly after our story aired, school officials told Brittany she could cheer alongside the other girls

I never expected Houston to feel like “home”… but thanks to the many newsroom friends who became family… it has.

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